Exclusive: the Strategist of Synergistic of the U.S.

Mr. Geoff Thompson is an experienced economic expert and also a serial business owner. He has functioned on dozens of sophisticated deals over the previous 20 years, consisting of genuine estate advancement, tax-sheltered financial investments, IPO launches, and his newest in the increasingly tricky cannabis funding market. Geoff’s capabilities as a magnet as well as modification agent have earned him the respect of peers across market industries. While not launching the next useful endeavor, he provides his time and also financial resources to support charitable companies around the higher Chicago, il city location. He presently helps Doyen Elements, Synergistic Life Services, as well as Accelera Innovations, Inc.


Doyen Element’s mission is to bring stature and also rate to the entire blossoming Hemp and Cannabis ecological community. By developing a “working as a consultant” that provides category-defining organization acumen and even straight access to a skilled management group with hands-on functional experience, the Company will offer center and inceptive market hemp, and even marijuana endeavors with the cross-functional know-how should promptly accelerate their companies.


Accelera Innovations Inc. was raised when Synergistic Holdings, LLC, a company owned or managed by Geoff Thompson, Chairman of our Board of Directors as well as his wife Nancy Thompson obtained 17,000,000 shares of the Company’s ordinary shares for a price of $0.0001 each share. At the same moment, Accelerated Venture Partners, LLC canceled 3,750,000 shares of the Company’s universal supply. Following these deals, Synergistic Holdings, LLC had about 93.15% of the Company’s provided as well as outstanding shares of regular supply. Simultaneously with the share acquisition, Timothy Neher surrendered from the Company’s Board of Directors as well as John Wallin was concurrently assigned to the Company’s Board of Directors. Such deal represented a change of control of the Company.


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Synergistic Life Services was established with the goal of aiding our clients in every element of their economic lives. We’ve provided the most personal solution readily available, thus making credibility for excellence in our sector. For every one of our customers, we strive to help produce economic security and also safety to supply monetary independence. Our firm is based upon the principle that education and understanding of one’s current economic circumstance are essential to make sensible choices worrying one’s future monetary condition efficiently.

Best Solutions for the Right Business Works Now

Through your website you can be found and customers become acquainted with your company and products. If it has a professional look, customers are more inclined to take action. Start well with these 6 important tips for a business website.

Company name as domain name

You can also use the company name you have chosen as a web address, a so-called domain name. Check with Internet if the domain is still free and register it before you register with the Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, with newly registered companies, someone else registers this name quickly as a domain and offers for a large amount for sale. The right Business groups are now here.

Determine your target group

Map out your target audience before you start building so that you can adapt to their needs. For example, use personas. These are fictitious customers with specific characteristics, such as:

  • Gender, age, income, characteristics, children
  • Hobbies, online activities
  • Expectations about your products or services

The personas can be improved over time (for example by customer calls) and the results can be used to better align your website with the target group.

Create templates or design

If you have a suitable domain name and your target group is clear, you can start with the actual website. It consists of different parts, such as: the layout, the code and the content (text, images, videos).

You can choose existing templates, build the site yourself or hire an external party. The creator of the website automatically gets the copyright and determines which changes you can apply. Make advance agreements about the transfer of copyright when you outsource the construction of your website. The creator can transfer the copyright to you. This way you can make changes later without permission or any additional costs.

High-quality content

A goal of your website is that potential customers can find you and that they find the desired information here, but also that they come back. You can do this by becoming a specialist in the field of your service or product. To make the texts or videos it is useful to take into account:

Write original texts

  • Provide links to and from third party websites ( link building )
  • Use synonyms for the same word
  • Choose search terms that your customers use
  • Add an article a meta description to
  • Include the most important keywords in the titles and subtitles

A safe site

Having a secure connection and guaranteed privacy can be an additional reason for customers to purchase a product from you. You can take care of this by using an SSL Encryption. Passwords and other privacy-sensitive data are encrypted in this way. Malicious people cannot read it then.

Customer reviews

Having customer reviews is important. The independent experiences of others are included in the purchase. You can add a function to your website so that customers can leave a review themselves. Another option is to place customer reviews of projects that you have done.

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