2016 autumn and winter fashion list NO.1 single product 2016-11-16 meow sirOR tide rand OR tide rand OR tide rand fangor function introduction OR tide rand founder, model, the United States shot the most popular male god; Sina micrologging or_Fang; Taoao shop o You do not underestimate the hoodie, it is 2016 autumn and winter fashion trend list of one of the single product! And from this years spring and summer show field Until the autumn and winter show field, never lack of its shadow! From this years spring and summer show field until the autumn and winter show, are never lack of its shadow! Vetements 2016 autumn and winter series Alexander Wang 2016 Spring and summer series left Alexander Wang 2016 autumn and winter series right fitflop y Rihanna 2016 The last autumn and winter series is the series of hoodies designed y Rihanna and fitflop rand. Rihanna is a woman who loves hoodie love to ones, in addition to the design, she also love to wear a variety of hoodies! We Shandong days day of course, not only wear normal Hoodie! There are overside, more than to force the more tightly hat hooded dress! In addition to the day, the circle and they are also favored hoodie! Lin Xinru wearing Printed with a capless sleeveless dress, like a girl in general! ut pregnant mother carefully cold. Mold in the recent street shooting wearing a hooded cardigan, show leisure sports Fan. Hailey aldwin wearing a lack hoodie, take the short jacket, revealing sexy Xiaoman Yao. Kim Kadashan also conforms to the trendy hooded hood. The The ut do not reveal a lace leggings is why ?! or Kim Young sister Kenpa style normal point, hooded shirt with a cowoy jacket, piercing the fashionale Fan! Wearing a large yards of hooded Shirt with hot pants or skirt, large power and fat Di this effort eautiful legs, Xila to full score! Shen Mengchen this ody found in the hoodies This year is particularly popular download missing Oversize! Of course fashionale single product popular kings hoodie must also ring this element. How can you refuse! 2. Can you rememer the crop top that is very hot in summer? The fashionale essence is asically through it! Hooded hoodie, let you continue to play a small sexy. 3. The zippered hoodies, in addition to the aove-mentioned direct hooded hoodies, are simple and not monotonous zippers, and the same fashionale index is high. Zipper or zipper, as long as you like, how to do all! Precondition not hot spicy eyes! Aout hoodies hooded hoods, you can not just wear Oh! Look at the hooded shirt fitflop outlet store uk with the correct way to open 1. hoodie jeans and the most wild is not wrong with hoodies and jeans with the match. With horned jeans, it is cool and cool! 2. Hoodie skirt oth want to exercise Fan, yet feminine, you can try to match the lace pencil skirt, perhaps Can hit a different spark. And with the short skirt will e more fresh, there are neighors girl feel Oh! With tennis skirts, super youth with wood! As for the aove-mentioned overside and long paragraph Of the hoodies should e lazy love, it can e when the skirt to wear, you can not take anything. 3. Hoodie jacket that hooded with the next match with, Talk aout the jacket to wear it! Hoodies and then wear a coat, take a stylish sense of layer! Denim jacket or motorcycle jacket, classic ad choice! aseall or pilots jacket, Cool on a word! Tool coat or suit jacket, you can also match with a different taste. Long coat is also not to e missed the trend of the match! Finally, for hoodies, you will have reason to refuse ?! reproduced in eauty network recommended collocation area