Twelve-year-old ceremony! You must know the shopping offer! Do not see can suffer 2016-12-12 Wuhai Wanda Plaza Wuhai Wanda Plaza Wuhai Wanda Plaza whwanda Function Introduction Pulishing Wuhai Wanda Plaza, the latest investment, operations, activities and usiness information, concerned aout the Wuhai Wanda Plaza, the latest developments Wuhai Wanda Plaza Recruitment marketing director, marketing assistant, restaurant director, restaurant chef, details call 88800108880011 consultation Activity time Decemer 9, 2016 - January 10, 2017 Event contents I would like to send a copy of the IMAX movie ticket , And the movie ticket is 2D 3D IMAX except for the VIP room, please use it within the validity period. 2, from the amount of 500 yuan, each card to pay 10 yuan card fee, a single card limited to a movie ticket. 12.15 1900 finally wait until you Zhang Yicuo rate multi-country troops Great Wall fight monster IMAX 4D 3D all-standard release Wuhai Wanda Studios waiting for your male off Point will e! Full market special offer Decemer 9, Decemer 12, Decemer 12 fitflop 5-7 fold fitflop life 5-7 fold fitflop new 8.5 fold, part 5 fold fitflop 360 new 8.5 fold, part 5 fold fitflop new 8.5 fold, part 5 fold Adi children 5-7 fold fitflop child part of the 3 fold dragon and lion Dell the whole field 3 fold fitflop 7 fold, part of the special offer $ 300 Li Ning cotton feathers 6.5 fold Li Ning childrens clothing a 6.8 fold, two 5.8 fold New ailun official uy one get one except special price Eskors uy one get clothes way outdoors over 400 minus 20 full field fitflop The audience 6 fold from the speed of musicians the audience 5 fold, special 189 yuan cotton feathers 8 fold, part of the 6 fold camel outdoor cotton feathers 8 fold, Autumn 5 fold au childrens shoes the whole 3.3 fold are excellent products, only to sell the price of Meng Meng only for your deep love for you rassi three years of art training hundred days sprint class on the undergraduate, a full refund! Fire fire 1, art counseling teacher 2, for different asis to create a different counseling program 3, scientific and effective curriculum design 4, the class teacher tracking, spiritual traffic, Help the child to alleviate the college entrance examination pressure 5, not undergraduate full refund, signed the agreement 6, militarized management address Wuhai Wanda Plaza, third floor Huatuo education telephone 18947661324 Office charge 50 to send 100 100 to send 300 to send 300 to send 1000 1, sea all single ticket special 50, doule 90, three 130 r Except for 24 and 25 2, and 5% for the small train y the sea ticket, and 5 liters of the plush doll, Of the multi-drop multi-4, climing a single experience 50 yuan a price memer enjoyment Monday oy memers in this day to play a rope adventure play once Gift once, after 1700 to play twice. Tuesday girls memers play a rookie adventure on this day to play once, 1700 after playing to play twice. Wednesday memers card numer is 0 4 friends in this day to play a rope adventure play once a shoetique fitflop boots gift, 1700 after playing to play twice. Thursday memers of the card numer is 5 to 9 friends in this day to play a rope adventure play once a gift, after 1700 to play twice. Friday with the ay king memership card to the store to spend money to play a rope adventure play once a gift. Integral win! Over 500 points to send time and space tunnel experience coupon a full 700 points to send rope network adventure coupons a full 1000 points to pass a ticket coupons all coupons can e transferred, do not set the validity period set Like a surprise to the children in the equipment to play the game on the process of taking pictures and send friends circle and enter the specified content, won more than 40 can receive a 20 yuan vouchers vouchers valid for one week, not the day to use Wanda Group Service Supervision Tel 400-950-6666 old Fengxiang strong settled in Wuhai Wanda, is the recruitment manager and quality shopping guide. Requirements good image good temperament, 20-35 years old male or female, language communication aility, hard work, a team spirit. Work experience is preferred! Details 13654734555. r