Yang Mi this fashion fine to tell you fitflop sandals designs primer shirt is not only a sweater! 2016-11-20JOJOStudio Peng Peng Tsai walk Tingting see Seoul walk Tingting see Seoul walk Tingting see Seoul ZouZouTingTing723 function introduced lazy roaming with you to visit Seoul to see around the eautiful scenery Korea delicious tastes eauty Speaking of ottoming shirt, we may e invarialy think of sweater, ut the winter can only wear a sweater it? First look at Yang Mi this FashionGirl recently worn what you did not wrong! Oversize the coat is a round neck sweater, with knee oots really this gas field has two meters! Jacket from Vetements, a variety of different styles, oring, the ottom can also control a variety of single product, ut the power of this power is oviously wearing the law, we generally do not control ah! ut can not deny the practicality of the shirt, take the sister of these three programs take away do not thank! Tattoo u0026 Shorts u0026 Shirts u0026 Shorts u0026 Shorts Short Skirt Recommended 2, Hooded Sweat u0026 Vest u0026 Short Skirt Recommended 3, Coat Cotton u0026 Sweate last sentence how are you going to wear a sweater tomorrow? Point to go again share the asin friends circle this shameless thing I will say? Yes, I will. long press two-dimensional code to identify Concern Description zero start making makeup! No ugly woman, only lazy woman. Concerned aout walking Tingting see Seoul, and you share the professional eauty, skin care, make-up skills, let us do eautiful woman! Sister paper, come join JOJO eauty makeup class! Do not forget to pay attention to our JOJO sisters micrologging JoJo thin summer Oh! Do not forget our WeChat pulic numer Yo! Walking Tingting see Seoul