2016 est shoes is this? 2016-11-07 footwear industry footwear industry china-shoes998 features footwear trends, technology, production of original articles on Friday, Footwear News this years est shoes title awarded The Rihanna surgeons fitflops Fenty fitflop Creeper, which is even the only choice foeviewers. Of course the social media influence, the actual market sales, and so many levels of performance are considerations of the factors, these pairs only look at the fitflop classic Suede on the asis of the increase in the first generation of thick shoes On the shelves to create a 3-hour sold out of the performance, which not only to fitflop please Rihanna as creative director of this matter to eat reassurance, and this is the fitflop rand under the long history of the results, as Creeper, also directly into the fitflop mukluk chestnut size 7 Stan Smith, NMD, Yeezy star products such as the explosion of the clu. Regardless of how Creeper is jumping red, whether it is not Rihanna with personal influence to promote celerity friends to interact, all to the results of the theory, after all, are the strength of the performance. And even if powerful, such as Rihanna, in an to get this award is Kanye Wests Yeezy series, although this year is still a pair of hard to find, ut the social platform response is flat, should even Kaige himself feel some ad. Source Ideal Life Laoratory Click on the lower corner to see more footwear information