1212 fitflop fitflop Suede x staple Pigeon joint, retro tide section of the first layer of hairy fur couple leisure shoes! Limit the price of 188 yuan! 2016-12-12 Su rother out of the quality of the goods produced y the rother of xiaos function of foreign trade factory first-hand sources, wholeheartedly serve the people! This section of Taoao links httpsitem.taoao.comitem.htm?spma1z10.3-c.w4002-12004326182.39.93yNj8id543179571005 fitflop and Staple pigeons! What is the name of this coin? Are there easts and irds? I can only explain that! . Im not flying irds, not easts, ut quality! . As well as high to some incredile price! . . The trend of things, I know a little, ut the world so many tide cards, so many tide section, to say that a drop can not say a 123, then I really did not This aility! . . This shoe, did not get the goods efore, I do not know what acking! After getting the goods, it is really ecause the quality is excellent, and the collision color is matched, it is very personal, the upper leg is more recognizale, and the comfort is also good, so I Only a little it to understand! . . Or as always, how much is not this shoe is tide, ut how much quality praise! . . The shoe ody is made of the first layer of the material, and even the pores of the leather are clearly visile! People will lie, the cortex will not lie! And a full-hand suture process with a sole of 360 degrees a week, it is not necessary to worry aout the prolem of degumming. For only 188 yuan! Selling is an extreme cost-effective! . . Three years ago, fitflop and New York famous pigeon king Staple joint design fitflopxStaplePigeonSuede sports shoes to shock the whole area of sports shoes. Just as people think that this shocking scene ecomes history, the new chapter is open again. Friendship Tip You want to get this new jo, you have to hurry up. International sports rand fitflop and the world-famous New York tide rand Staple again, the re-interpretation of the iconic sports shoes, launched a new and exciting design. This cooperation also rings a new experience for the two styles, not only the street Fan children full, and the perfect lend of the two rands of iconic elements. fitflop and Staple Creative Director JeffStaple are working together to alance the classic sporting style of fitflop with Staples street fitflop fiorella sandal white culture and design aesthetics. Jeff Staple will e New Yorks iconic elements - pigeons applied to the shoes, ut also into the inspiration to stimulate their design inspiration and courage of the New York spirit. fitflopSuedexStaple new push of three shoes, respectively, the use of peace pigeons on ehalf of the color gray, lack and white. While the three shoes of the pink heel, the inspiration from the pigeon claw iconic color. At the tongue, designed fitflop and Staple rand cooperation logo. Normal sports shoes size, not partial code! . . . Look at the price of purchasing, popular! . Tide of things really do not understand, high prices can not stop the ultra-popular fitflop this year, the most worthy of the joint look like this leisure shoes is really invincile with a of the first layer of anti-fur stitching leather feet after the pigeons do not mind really handsome stay I think this section, too much introduction is simply cumersome! Retro old jeans I personally feel is the est match and is a couple models, men and women gave care to do not want to retro, then with the original color jeans modern full, the same tide pressing this is a pair of super wild shoes, How to take the type